Frequently Asked Questions

When you subscribe to GoMF you will get your own Company Name App registered on the Playstore. 
The App will help investors to get on-boarded onto your ARN without any physical account opening forms, so that your clients can start investing into Mutual Funds under your ARN.
You, as an Advisor can log in and check out the Clients which are onboarded thru the App along with the Leads who did not complete the sign up process. 
You can also place fresh Lumpsum or SIP transactions for your clients.

GoMF comes with an introductory offer of just Rs. 4000 + Applicable Taxes.  GoMF can be subscribed at a One Time Cost.
There is No Renewal or Yearly Subscription Charges. 
You need to have a BSE StAR MF account.
In case, you are not registered with BSE, please visit registration. Any charges incurred in registration of BSE StAR MF account, if any, is to be paid to BSE.

There is no restrictions on the number of clients you onboard from GoMF.
Clients onboarded thru the App will automatically get onboarded onto your ARN.

There is no limit on the number of transactions done from the App.
If your Client is KYC compliant, you and your clients can place Fresh Lumpsum or fresh SIP transactions from the App.
  iSIP and xSIP are both supported.

You need to have a BSE StAR MF account.
Your BSE StAR MF portal’s login credentials should be saved in the App.
In case, you are not registered with BSE, please visit for registration.
  When a client is onboarded thru the App, the account opening form is automatically send to BSE StAR MF and your client is ready to invest into Mutual Funds.
A 6 digit xSIP NACH Mandate of daily limit of Rs. 100000 and a 15 digit iSIP URN Mandate of daily limit of Rs. 100000 is auto generated from the GoMF App and emailed to you by BSE StAR MF team.
If you or your clients are placing an xSIP transaction, you need to download the NACH form from your email, take your client's signature on it and upload it on your BSE StAR MF account portal.
If you or your client are placing an iSIP transaction, your client need to login to his Net Banking of his Primary Bank which was registered while onboarding.
Then go to Manage Billers section and register BSE as a Biller by adding the 15 digit URN Mandate sent by BSE StAR MF.
  If you or client is placing a Lumpsum Transaction, then the payment can be done instantly thru Net Banking or other options available on the BSE StAR MF platform's payment page. 

GoMF is an app for Client Onboarding and Fresh Transactions.  Portfolio Management and Reporting is not available in GoMF. 
If GoMF does not suit your business, you can check out the GoDigital Platform. GoDigital offers complete white label platform with back office solution.
For info on GoDigital visit or email on